Blow Up Risk – How Tony Stark Would Build a Portfolio

Blow up risk is one of the most important and difficult investor risks to manage.  It comes in two flavors – manager blow up risk and market blow up risk.  Diversification is the best way to mitigate over concentration in a manager or investment product but diversification presents its own set of challenges.  What products […]

How to Access Hedge Fund Investment Skill Without the High Fees

Active managers, particularly hedge funds, do demonstrate stock selection skill but keep 2/3 of the investment gains for themselves. Active indexing can help investors access hedge fund investment skill without the high fees.

The Fast Money Takes It Slow

We take a definitive look at hedge fund holding periods. We analyze holding periods for all Form 13F disclosed securities as well as for those held with high conviction. We also look at whether the length of a manager’s holding period is predictive in any way to the efficacy of following their holdings.

The Dynamic Hedge Rule During Confused Market Environments

We analyze our rules-based hedging methodology to evaluate performance during confused, directionless, markets.

Active v Passive – A False Choice

If you’ve spent any time learning about AlphaClone’s investment approach, you know our goal is to combine the best of active and passive investment approaches into one.  Our strategies are passive because they are 100% rules based and comprise an index that can be tracked by a publicly traded security such as an ETF.  We […]

A New Way to Unlock Investment Success

The very nature of making investment decisions is difficult – an investor can only evaluate an investment based on historical returns and/or credibility. Yet both of these attributes are poor predictors of what the investor is actually paying for – future performance. Combine this with the fact that there are nearly 30,000 investment products to […]

Why We Hedge – The AlphaClone Dynamic Hedge

When I joined the AlphaClone team a month ago, it never occurred to me that my first blog post would be about our unique Dynamic Hedge.  But markets are notoriously unpredictable and that’s exactly why we use one. Perhaps the most important learning over my years of professional experience and financial education is respect for […]

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