A New Approach to Active Investing

It’s been easy to argue against active management lately, too many funds to choose from, most of them underperform.  In an environment where the S&P 500 has returned 15% annually over the past five years (double its historical average), it’s no surprise investors are fleeing active funds for passive ETFs.   In that sense, investors […]

AlphaClone Introduces New Portfolio Service, Combines Automated Investing With Human Advice

FEBRUARY 14, 2016 – Today we unveiled AlphaClone Mirror Portfolios, a new advice service that offers long term investors a complete investment portfolio tailored to their preferences and objectives, together with a user-friendly online experience, sophisticated portfolio modeling technology, and an ongoing relationship with an advisor. A pioneer in active indexing, AlphaClone’s proven investment approach […]

Investment Case: How Active Indexing Can Improve Portfolio Returns

Adding active indexes to your portfolio can enhance long term results.  AlphaClone Mirror Portfolios allow long term investors to easily take advantage of the potential power of active indexing in a simple and affordable wealth advice service.   Image credit:  AlphaClone is proud to sponsor Paul Holton and Matt Plumb and the C360R Team in the AlphaClone […]

The Fast Money Takes It Slow

We take a definitive look at hedge fund holding periods. We analyze holding periods for all Form 13F disclosed securities as well as for those held with high conviction. We also look at whether the length of a manager’s holding period is predictive in any way to the efficacy of following their holdings.

Active v Passive – A False Choice

If you’ve spent any time learning about AlphaClone’s investment approach, you know our goal is to combine the best of active and passive investment approaches into one.  Our strategies are passive because they are 100% rules based and comprise an index that can be tracked by a publicly traded security such as an ETF.  We […]

A New Way to Unlock Investment Success

The very nature of making investment decisions is difficult – an investor can only evaluate an investment based on historical returns and/or credibility. Yet both of these attributes are poor predictors of what the investor is actually paying for – future performance. Combine this with the fact that there are nearly 30,000 investment products to […]

2016 Year End Letter

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