Don’t Be DiCaprio and Suffer The Market’s Bear Mauling

The benefits of a rules-based portfolio hedge.

A New Way to Unlock Investment Success

The very nature of making investment decisions is difficult – an investor can only evaluate an investment based on historical returns and/or credibility. Yet both of these attributes are poor predictors of what the investor is actually paying for – future performance. Combine this with the fact that there are nearly 30,000 investment products to […]

Why Long Term Investors Need to be Looking Overseas…

Over long term investment horizons, valuations can be a valuable guide for portfolio allocation.  Most recently, we here at AlphaClone have been struck by the current valuation divergence across global equity markets. We believe, long-term investors should be looking to increase their allocations to International equities in their portfolios. Why?  In a word, price.   […]

Why We Hedge – The AlphaClone Dynamic Hedge

When I joined the AlphaClone team a month ago, it never occurred to me that my first blog post would be about our unique Dynamic Hedge.  But markets are notoriously unpredictable and that’s exactly why we use one. Perhaps the most important learning over my years of professional experience and financial education is respect for […]


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AlphaClone Welcomes Michael Carrier and Brad Bredemann to Its Leadership Team

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