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FEBRUARY 14, 2016 – Today we unveiled AlphaClone Mirror Portfolios, a new advice service that offers long term investors a complete investment portfolio tailored to their preferences and objectives, together with a user-friendly online experience, sophisticated portfolio modeling technology, and an ongoing relationship with an advisor.

A pioneer in active indexing, AlphaClone’s proven investment approach is designed to access active investment ideas from the world’s most established institutional investors, without the high fees and tax inefficiency of traditional active funds.  Mirror Portfolios will now bring the same proven approach to long term investors’ overall portfolio.   View the investment case for active indexing.

“Mirror Portfolios are a natural evolution of our wealth advice services,” said AlphaClone CEO Maz Jadallah.  “Our clients were asking for a holistic investment solution that reduced the costs and complexity of investing and incorporated our active indexing methodology.  Mirror Portfolios represents our continued commitment to act as advocates for our clients and the individual investor.”

With Mirror Portfolios, investors will no longer have to choose between human and technology-driven investment advice – they get the best of both worlds.  More specifically, the service features include:

Low costs.   Mirror Portfolios are available at an annual advisory rate that varies based on a client’s managed assets, starting at 0.25% for the first $100,000, or $250, and decreasing to 0.05% for amounts above $1 million.  The above fee includes all trading costs but excludes the costs of the underlying funds in the portfolio which average at about 0.30%.

Investment style diversification.  AlphaClone’s philosophy of investment style diversification in addition to asset class diversification is at the heart of the portfolio construction process. Based on a client’s individual needs and preferences, Mirror Portfolios will allocate to both passive and more active strategies in each asset class.  Where appropriate, AlphaClone uses its affiliated family of ETFs as the “high active-share” component in each allocation.  Regardless of investment style, product selection will focus on combining affordability with tax efficiency and transparency.

Support of a financial advisor, when you need them and no more.   To begin, the client and an advisor collaborate to create a Mirror Portfolio based on the individual client’s financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.   Then, advisors monitor a client’s investment portfolio, rebalance when necessary, and recommend adjustments on a periodic basis. Advisors are also available on an ongoing basis to help clients navigate life changes and key decisions, such as when to retire.

A complete web experience, 24/7.   Clients can access statements, balances, holdings and tax information online at any time.

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